How To Spend 48 Hours In Savannakhet, Laos!


Savannakhet is the second largest city after the capital Vientiane thus, although it’s a city I can’t imagine the peaceful soul that blanketed the entire place. Really overwhelming! One of the nicest city I’ve ever been visited so far, it’s taciturn! On its streets, motorbikes, tuktuks and even cars are not that large in numbers.

Seems that Savannakhet is still locked form its past but very absolute on its present. Empty roads and avenues are often very common. Also beware of stray dogs, if they’re not in their cages, they might attack you in no reason. The best option to get around is to rent a bicycle.

French colonial building at the night market.


Young monks on the street at the Mekong Riverside.

Wandering on its streets is one of the best things to do so you could witness those old grandeur French colonial buildings from simple houses to fancy and local restaurants. Though in majority, people in Savannakhet really do not speak English, still it’s not a big problem in engaging wonderful communication to the locals after all.

Savannakhet Night Market claimed the celebrity spot in the city. Even the place draws a few foreign visitors; it is quite lively almost every night offering very low cost savory Lao foods for as low as 10,000 Kip.

Saint Teresa Church adjacent to the Night Market.


Local Savannakhet Tuktuk.


One temple along  Khantabouli Road.


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Where to Stay

Wide array of budget rate guesthouses and hostel are located near Phetasalat Road just right at the center of the town. Several are also just a few minutes’ walk from the Bus Station like what I had for $8/night – One single twin bed with bathroom.

Where to Eat

Lin’s Café

Is one elegant and affordable place to eat around the town. Cost will range from 30,000 Kip.

Xokxay Restaurant

Located at the Night Market, the best place to eat and it’s very cheap. I swear! Spend for as low as 15,000 Kip.

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Getting to Savannakhet is very pretty easy. Major Lao Bus Company has daily trips either from Vientiane, Pakse or elsewhere in Laos. And even in Danang and Hue in Vietnam. Lao Airlines also have direct flight from other major Laos cities.


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