A Guide To Vang Vieng


As one of the popular destinations in Laos, Vang Vieng, to be honest, is a small town with a very wild adventurous scene that will make your experience in the country more unforgettable. If ever you heard the word “Tubing” well, there are no more arguments! The only right answer is this amazing place. The town is located in Vientiane Province about 3 hours from the city capital. Ooopppss! Don’t be confused about the Vientiane Capital. They are precisely different.

Vang Vieng was once a sleepy town but for years it grew faster and became a hit with travelers who love ultimate fun, party, and adventure alongside with the town’s incredibly beautiful natural setting.




Kicky Vang Vieng: The Checklist

Aside from tubing and visiting the caves, there are a lot of things to do and places visit in the town. Here are some of those!

The Kaeng Nyui Waterfall is located about 7.6 kilometers on the northeastern side of the town. It’s a tall and slim waterfall hiding in the forest of Ban Na Duang where that only draw a few visitors. The waterfall is not adequate for diving and swimming due to its size and depth perhaps taking a bath is the only possible thing to do if you want some splash!


Looking for a place to chill out while enjoying an awesome view of Vang Vieng’s countryside plains? Well, Pha Ngeun Viewpoint is the place to be. Drive approximately 4.3 kilometers west from the center town across the Nam Song River. It’ll take only 30 minutes to climb. Wear your best footwear before heading here as along the trail have sharp stones that might cause injuries. There’s a small cottage at the top of the viewpoint where you can relax for a while with the beautiful scenery of the towns countryside.


If you prefer to just stay within the crowds, the Town Center itself is your only choice. Walking around, hopping every restaurant, visit souvenir shops and sidewalk stores or even talk to the locals is fantastically a thumbs up! The center is not that big so there’s no reason for you to get lost. Visit Wat Kang, Wat That, and Wat Si Suman, the three major Buddhist temples in the town center’s premise.


Riding a motorbike is the best! It is appropriate to wonderfully explore the place cheaper where it’s like just drive and drive going nowhere. Rent one and hit Vang Vieng’s Western Road across the Nam Song river. Drive as far as you can and explore such small places like Phone Ngeun, Naka or the farthest Ban Nampe. The more you get far, the more the place become quiet, calm and interesting.


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Stay and Chill

Vang Vieng is fully packed with cheap and good vibe accommodations. In peak season, it is recommendable to book in advance and don’t take the courage to find one upon arrival (I did it and it’s very hard!). I stayed in Real Backpackers Hostel 1 & 2 (for as low as $5 per night including breakfast).

Eat and Drink

Almost every corner of the town has restaurants, such choices are Khua Thai, Falafel and Lucky. They serve local and another type of foods on the table. At night time, of course, you are very invited to take the Sakura – Viva Bar loop (with free shots!) It’s amazingly crazy! I swear!

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Local buses are in route to Vang Vieng (40,000 Kip – 60,000 Kip/ $5-7) from Vientiane Capital, bus type will differ. On the other hand, almost every guesthouse/hostel in the capital can purchase you a ticket at a very reasonable price. Travel duration from the capital to Vang Vieng is roughly 3-4 hours.


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